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Marked technological advancements over the last century have made today’s cars extremely complex and very expensive to repair.

Costly unexpected repairs to your car can make it difficult for anyone, but especially if you have high monthly bills to pay!

The number of problems with your car increases as it gets older. Even the most common repairs, such as replacing or repairing a transmission, cost nearly $2,500 on average. Over the next five years, the cost to repair your vehicle will increase by approximately 12% per year. To put it in perspective, most of our Vehicle Service Contracts cost just $1.48 per day!

Have you considered paying a small monthly fee so you don’t have to worry about any surprise auto repair bills? Don’t have your budget blown by an unexpected repair. Our Vehicle Service Contracts give you peace of mind; the cost is included right into your loan.

Did you purchase a Vehicle Service Contract from a dealership when you bought your car? Most likely, iLendingDIRECT can save you a substantial amount of money by getting out of that expensive Vehicle Service Contract and finding a much more affordable one that is tailored to your individual financial situation.

If you’re looking for an affordable Vehicle Service Contract that meets your budget, our expert consultants can help! Give us a call at (866) 683-5505 or just fill out our contact form to get started.

Why Choose iLendingDIRECT?

We'll Find You Low Rates

We partner with a nationwide network of lenders to get you the most competitive rates in the country.

You'll Get a Custom Loan Solution

We work to find a solution that fits your unique situation, regardless of what you’re paying or how much you owe.

We Are Here For You

Our experienced loan consultants are highly-trained and will offer a thoughtful and compassionate solution to your individual situation.

Your Vehicle Refinance Is Just The Beginning

We are a full spectrum finance company offering refinancing, cash back, lease buyout, and more.

It's Quick & Easy

Your time is valuable; Our process is simple, and you can do it all from home or your mobile device.

No Money Down

You can keep your cash, and refinancing your vehicle may even allow you to skip a month's payment, saving you even more money.

Case Studies

Case Studies
iLendingDIRECT Relieves Customer Debt Burden

Kim called a few of the companies advertised in the mailers and ultimately chose iLendingDIRECT to provide her refinancing. “They were the best at getting back to me and I trusted my iLendingDIRECT representative, Eric, right away.” Remembering their first conversation, Kim says, “When Eric found out how high my current interest rate and payment were, he immediately got to work!”

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Customized Financial Solutions

desk with computer, piggy bank, two people working on papers

Our solutions are customized, flexible and tailored to help a wide range of customers, including:

  • Anyone needing to reduce monthly expenses
  • Couples going through a break-up where one person needs to be taken off of a car loan
  • Someone trying to build or rebuild their credit
  • Someone whose credit has improved and they wish to lower their monthly car payment
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Who We Are

iLendingDIRECT connects clients with auto finance providers to help them refinance their auto loan quickly and easily. iLendingDIRECT works with a network of nationwide lenders to offer the most competitive rates in the industry, with personalized attention from experienced loan consultants.

In business since 2006, iLendingDIRECT is a national leader in auto refinancing, voted one of the 2016 and 2017 Best Places to Work by the Denver Business Journal, named to the 2016 Inc. 5000 list and is a BBB Accredited Business with an A+ rating.

Our Story

What Customers Are Saying About Us

“They saved me $7,000 dollars, $200 dollars a month. When you do get to refinance to a low rate, that’s when the reality comes in of how much you save, and $7,000 on the loan itself… I was in complete shock. I am so glad I made the decision to call iLendingDIRECT.”

Tammy McAdams

What Customers Are Saying About Us

“Between the interest, the life of the loan and the payment, we were able to save thousands of dollars. It was a quick and easy process. We were able to do everything over the phone. With the money we saved, we were able to absorb the cost of having our baby. It’s been a big impact on our lives. The process was very quick, very easy.”

Holli Boonstra

What Customers Are Saying About Us

“They made me feel like a family member. They made me feel valued. Saving close to $100 a month for my family and me, it just gives us more options. We can pay off some other debt, we can put it in savings, maybe for a raining day, maybe a vacation, but with four kids, sometimes it’s difficult. But again, it just gives us options, which is what we were looking for. They came back with options. They did all the leg-work.”

Current Customer

What Customers Are Saying About Us

“Great experience! The process was easy and I’m very glad I found this company.”

Current Customer

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At iLendingDIRECT we care about your financial health! Let us help put cash back in your wallet, protect your vehicle, and secure your budget.

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Other Services

Auto Refinancing

We have developed long-time relationships with banks and credit unions, and have already negotiated low interest rates to help you save money on your car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, RV or boat.

Buy Your Company Car

We can help you purchase your company car and educate you on the available options.

Cash Back

Vehicle paid off? Get cash back to pay for other expenses.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Waiver

Life insurance for your car! Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) costs just pennies a day.

Lease Buyout

If you lease your vehicle, there are many options that allow you to keep your vehicle and save money.

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