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Kevin Blount


Accounting Professional


Denver, CO

Vehicle Refinanced

2012 Jeep


iLendingDIRECT halved Kevin's interest rate on his vehicle and reduced his monthly car payments by approximately $100.


“Have you ever considered refinancing your vehicle?” That’s the question Kevin Blount’s been asking friends and family since recently refinancing his vehicle with iLendingDIRECT. He’s trying to spread the word following his “phenomenal” experience working with iLendingDIRECT to refinance his 2012 Jeep. By refinancing, he was able to cut his rate in half and save approximately $100 per month.


cash hanging out of exhaust pipe

“Devin did all the legwork and suggested various refinancing options through the company’s financing partners. All I had to do was choose the company!”

– Kevin Blount

iLendingDIRECT Smart Solution

A finance and accounting professional, Kevin knew all about refinancing and was determined to find a better rate for himself. A Google search brought him to iLendingDIRECT and he never looked back. The process was so fast and easy, he says, especially due to the excellent customer service provided by his loan consultant, Devin Rice. “Devin did all the legwork and suggested various refinancing options through the company’s financing partners. All I had to do was choose the company,” he says. As part of his new package, he was able to add an all-important GAP insurance policy, which would ensure that he would be able to pay off his loan in the event of a serious accident. Kevin and Devin even considered refinancing options for Kevin’s second car but determined that the savings for that vehicle, an older 2007 Mercury, were not large enough to warrant refinancing. 

Kevin is planning to apply his savings to pay down debt or contribute to a “rainy day” fund for his family. With four children, ranging in age from 12 to 24, and a brand new grandchild, putting yourself in a better financial position is always a good thing, he says. “By reviewing our family budget, and figuring out to save $50 here and $100 there, suddenly you are saving $300 a month or more and it can add up quickly.”


Now, Kevin uses the internet for all of his business with iLendingDIRECT, including making payments, viewing transactions, and checking statements. The company’s website is particularly easy to use and he remains a huge fan of the company. “Devin was a great guy and he had my best interests at heart. He made the experience fun — if you can call refinancing your car fun, that is!”

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